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So. You're interested in joining Scouting.

Contact details for all sections are shown further down this page. A section is what we call each age range group in the Scout Group (e.g. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers). The table below will show you which section you will need to join.

Explorer Scouts
For young people aged from 14 to 18 years

Young Members


Please contact Lisa. Email for the current availability of places.


Please contact Lisa. Email for the current availability of places.


Places are available now - join us today! Please contact Lisa by Emailing

Adult Volunteers

The uniformed Section Leaders each lead their team of assistants and helpers together with the young people in their section. Together they are responsible for the delivery of the programme for the young people. Their work is co-ordinated through the Scout Groups Leaders Meeting, which includes all the Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders & helpers.

A Beaver Scout Colony has young members aged between 6 and 8

Adult vacancies include:


Assistant Beaver Leaders

A Cub Scout Pack has young members aged 8 - 10½

Adult vacancies include:

Cub Leader (Vacant from 2008)

Assistant Cub Leaders


A Scout Troop is for young people aged from 10½ - 14 years

Adult vacancies include:


Assistant Scout leaders

Vacancies available with the support teams & executive committee

The Group Chairman works closely with the Group Scout Leader and leads all of those who provide help and support to the Group in other ways through an executive committee. You will find they are responsible for -

The maintenance of Group property

The raising of funds and the administration of Group finance

The insurance of persons, property and equipment

Group public occasions

Arranging accommodation and assisting to find camping grounds

Assisting in the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support

Appointing any sub-Committees that may be required

Appointing Group Administrators and advisors other than those who are elected

We have several vacancies here, which include:

Fund raising members

Building & Maintenance members

Centenary celebrations coordinators

Media support

Equipment members

Next Steps

If you are interested in joining us and feel you have something to offer (it does not have to directly match any of the roles above), get in touch Email: It does not matter if you can only give us a couple of hours a month, or a couple of hours week, you don't need to have any experience - anything that you can do to support will be very much appreciated ~ we just need your energy, enthusiasm and correct attitude, we can teach you the skills & knowledge. So get in touch now with your name, phone number and any other relevant information & we will respond as soon as possible

Once again many thanks for giving your time.

For more information, Email: