Explorer Activities
Bronze Award for Tom !!

Well done Tom! Thomas received the Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze Award at the meeting of the Explorer Scouts. Congratulations and best wishes to Tom to continue on to Gold and to the Queens Scout Award as well!

Explorer Scouts Activities 2017

Explorer Scouts got together to construct a Trophy Cabinet , some drilling the holes, others putting in the screws and the rest glueing the back panel.

All agreed that it was a good job and a safe place to store the silverware!

A few weeks later there was a practice run to make a 3 course meal in preparation for an experiment to feed the Scout Troop. Bob (from SASU) was enrolled to show off his culinary skills.

Explorers Wales Trip 2013

This Summer we had the chance to take part in an Explorer Scout activity holiday.

We were away for 9 days, staying at a lovely place called the Nantmor Mountain Centre in Gelli-le-ago.

Whilst we were away we were able to participate in a wide range of activities, including walking up to a place lovely place called Chinet.

We then went crab-fishing in the sea, coasteering where we had fun jumping of cliffs, rock climbing where we all had to climb up the rocks and then abseil down, sea kayaking were we all fell into a river and had fun capsizing.

We went caving and then we all went into a copper mine called Sagun and found out what the people did down in the caves.

We went out on day-visits at the nearby town where we could chill-out and look at all the shops. We then all went out for the evening going swimming then on to the cinema to see the film called the Wolverine.

One night we cooked for ourselves and also for the adults.

We all went with our Leader night hiking to the top of a mountain where we set up tents.

We all enjoyed lots more activities whilst we were there.

We also visited a lovely train-station which had a long name that no-one could pronounce, so here is the challenge:


And the meaning of the long word is (the church of Mary in Hollow of the white hazel near the fierce whirl pool and the church of Tysilioby the red cave).

We all had fun in wales and we hope to visit again.


Explorers Wadenhoe Hiking Camp - June 28th 2013

As part of our badge-work on the 28th June we set off on our extremely long journey to Wadenhoe as we decided to plan and carry out this camp ourselves.

It took us SEVEN hours to pull the Trek Cart loaded with kit and food, to our destination.

Upon arrival, the Corby Scouting units saw our reactions to the tiring journey and generously provided us with food and drinks.

We then spent the evening around the Camp Fire after having fun whilst setting-up camp. We then had a pioneering activity where we all had to make chairs out of rope and wooden broom poles.

When we woke up the next morning, we cooked our own breakfasts on ‘Trangea’ stoves.

We then packed up our kit and loaded it up, our temporary Leader, Cliff, kindly took the heavier items back to make the long journey home easier as we were travelling alone and following a map.

Even though the walk was long we enjoyed it overall.

Sky Blue Explorers - March 10th 2012

23 Group Members from all four sections joined over 2,000 Scouts from the Midlands to enjoy a Great Day out at the Rioch Stadium, home of Coventry City FC. (Is this our first link activity since Explorers started? Oh Yes!!

Up early for the hours’ drive to the Sky Blues, we were met by the organisers (what a great job they did!) to have the morning’s entertainment which included…… 5 a side football; dribbling skills (that’s with a football – not your mouth!); painting; magic shows; how fast can you kick a ball; bouncy castle…… etc. etc. etc…….!!!

Then the Coventry Scout Band entertained us whilst the Youngsters (and a few oldies - not me though! - Rob!!) queued to meet some of the Football Stars and get their autographs and pictures. 

After a quick bite to eat (and it was quick!) we were led in to the main stadium where all 2,000 of us quickly filled up an entire corner of the ground.

It was still over an hour to kick off and the noise was deafening! ‘Oh what an Atmosphere…..’ (Who sang that?)

The Group were then invited to parade around the ground and then back to the seats.