Whipsnade Takeover by Cubs!

On September 24th, the Cubs joined with the Nene Valley District to attend a "Tale-Over Day" at Whipsnade Zoo to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouts. Arriving at 10am, we joined the thousands of other Cubs from all over the UK, ready to start our animal adventure! We were guided over to the Butterfly enclosure,where each Cub was given a pack containing maps, leaflets, magazines a special commemmorative story book and of course, a Badge. We were then free to enjoy the day.

First stop was the petting farm, where we met Turkeys, Goats (one was trying to escape!), a Unicorn, with it's horn removed for Safety Reasons - actually a small white Pony. Cubs asked to go to the play area to let off some steam before our trip to Africa. On the way the Cubs decided that it was lunch time despite Alela's watch saying it was only 11am!

Despite tired little legs we walked around five Continents, meeting Elephants, Rhinos, Bears, Lions, Wallablies, Chimpanzees, Penguins, Crocodiles and we even stretched as far as we could to feed the Giraffes! At the end of the day some very tired Cubs and equally exhausted Leaders boarded the coach home and were accompanied by the sound of gentle snoring!

What a fabulous way to commemorate 100 years of Cub Scouting alongside some of the Jungle Book animals!