Cub / Scout Camp - Overstone. October 2013

Friday 4th October was the start of a fun filled weekend of camping for 7 Cubs, 8 Scouts, 2 Young Leaders & 6 Leaders.

We were camping at Overstone Scout Campsite and it was in preparation for Fred's Camping Permit.

Cubs and Scouts arrived at 6pm, Cubs were sleeping in the lodge and the Scouts started to put up their tents. When settled, the Cubs went on a scavenger hunt organised by Karen (ACSL).

When the Scouts had pitched their tents they went to collect wood for the fire. Lance and Jay (Scout Leaders) had brought hammocks and had decided that they would sleep under the stars.

After a slightly disturbed night (Cubs on a 1.30am toilet trip!) we all woke up to a bright Saturday morning. Lance and Karen made breakfast (fully-cooked fry-up) and we were ready for the day’s activities. Scouts and Cubs (in 2 groups), led by Lance and Jay, started to build a ‘Bivi’ that the Scouts planned to sleep in that night.

After lunch one group went for an hour of archery with Fred while the others made ‘scoobies’ and paper planes with Leanne and Karen. Our 2 Young Leaders Chloe and Brett were tasked with cooking the evening meal and they did a good job.

After some free time the Cubs and Scouts gathered round the camp fire where Lance demonstrated some backwoods cooking (kebab’s) with them. Afterwards they had very big marshmallows to toast on the fire.

After a busy day they were all ready for their beds, however the Scouts bottled out of sleeping in their ‘bivi’!

Sunday again was a bright sunny day. After breakfast the Scouts started to take down their ‘bivi’ and the Cubs had a paper plane competition to see which one flew the furthest. Last thing we did before breaking camp was to hold a ‘Scouts Own’ where everyone was asked to reflect on the weekend.

At 1pm it was time to let some very tired Cubs and Scouts go home. We were very lucky with the weather and everyone enjoyed a busy weekend.