Northamptonshire High Sherif visits the group - 26th September 2011

The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, Mrs.Penelope Escombe MBE visited Irthlingborough Scout Group on Monday 26th September and met all of our training sections. She was welcomed by the Leaders and the Executive Team and was interested in seeing details of our Adult Volunteers featured on the notice board, all 45 of them! She was introduced to the Leaders and was amazed that Secretary David Maddock had been with the Group since 1947!

Once the Scouts had gone off to their activity at Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ablett’s paddock in Station Road she met Beaver Leader Jason Tai and Beavers Baylie and Daniel.. The High Sheriff was delighted that they had stayed on to meet her and they told her all about their activities and their recent day trip to Drayton Manor Park. After seeing a couple of pictures and enjoying a cup of tea, she was given a grand tour of the HQ by Leader Wayne Fisher and she was very impressed, even looking behind the scenes at store cupboards and equipment, greatly admired the letters from Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister and Leaders of Opposition. Upstairs in the HQ ,David Maddock went through a brief history of the Group, and a copy of the Group’s Centenary Book was presented to her.

Executive Member Chris Ward made a short presentation covering the Group’s last 5 years and plans for the next 5 years, demonstrating continuous growth, energy and enthusiasm and giving the confidence of a Strong and Professional Leadership Team that manages the Group. Chris explained the Group’s up-and-coming short-term challenges, and the long-term issues we are expecting to face. The Group is now 140 strong and fundraising is an important issue as it is planned to enable all of the Young People to attend next year’s Diamond Jubilee Camp. The High Sheriff asked many questions, really immersing herself in our story.

The High Sherriff went to meet the Cubs and Scouts who had just completed a short ‘Trek Cart’ walk to Station Road, set up 4 fires and were cooking eggs in 'Paper Bags' – yes, that is right! Fires and Paper Bags!!

Under the watchful eye of the Scout Leader team, Lisa Swainston and Andy Hunt , they managed to cook one or two successfully! The Scouts seemed to be having fun - The High Sheriff spoke to everyone there, again really getting involved. She also personally thanked every Adult for their Volunteer work with the Young People.

At the end of the evening the High Sheriff made a short speech, again expressing her admiration and thanking all the Adult Volunteers of the Group. She explained to the Young People what a 'wonderful job' the Leaders were all doing for them, which sometimes seems a thankless role.

“The High Sherriff said to Jason that she would love to be involved with the Young People – so he promptly offered to complete a CRB for her! Quite some great publicity if she had taken him up!”

After our ‘goodbyes’, The High Sherriff left Irthlingborough Scout Group to feel very proud of what had been achieved , and what will be done in the future for the Young People of Irthlingborough.

Needless to add – a big ‘thank-you’ – to all the Leaders and Executive Members who made the event such a success......................