102 AGM's and counting!! - 19th May 2011

2011; Another exciting and fast moving year! These last few months we have seen the formation of a brand new Adult Section and a New Explorer section. We are launching our 2nd Scout Section night within the next month! I would like to highlight those that perform on the front line, week in week out, the leaders of our Young Peoples’ Sections.


Beavers – Jason, Cubs – Including their 90th celebrations – Laurence and Scouts – Lisa.

2009 witnessed a 49% Growth, 2010 a 19% Growth, and not to be outdone, 2011 produced a 35% Growth in Group Membership. To put this in to perspective overall growth for 2011 Northamptonshire Scouts was 1.4% and Nene Valley District was flat. So, quite rightly we can be proud of our achievements again in attracting the Young People to our Group and retaining our Superb Leadership Team.


Last year Mr Mike Digby became our New Chairman, however due to an exciting project he has just taken on. Mike has requested to take a role that will take up less of his time. Thanks go to Mike for his outstanding contribution to the Group over the last 18 months and we look forward to him continuing to give great value to the Group through the Scout Active Support. I am delighted to introduce Jackie Abbott as our New Chair-Person. Jackie comes with a wealth of experience and has been a friend to the Group for many years. I am sure she will add immense value to the Team.

Congratulations go to Emma King, who has just completed her Wood Bead training. Emma is one of many New Leaders that we have recruited over the last 5 years, all of which have made a tremendous positive impact on the Group and without them, the Group would have remained stagnant. The majority of these New Leaders are parents of the Young People already in the Group, and work very hard for all the Young People. Every NEW front-line Leader that we recruit means we can give 6 more youngsters the opportunity of joining us.

Every year the Group recognises the extraordinary achievements of the young people from each section with the Beaver, Cub and Scout of the year awards.

This year the group was delighted to receive a NEW TROPHY in fond memory of the late Lucy Marlow, long-time Cub Leader. Her daughter Debbie Howell presented this for the first time to the Cub making the most progress in Lucy’s old Pack – The Tuesday Cubs.

The young person from each section receives the award for Progress and Service. This year's recipients were:-

Beavers - Danniel and Bailey

Cubs - Louis and Georgina

Scouts - Arend

The Group and the Scout Association also recognise the contribution made by adult members of the movement. Shaun Pentlow, one of our very long serving member received the ‘Chief Scouts Commendation’ in recognition of his Loyal Service. Staunch Supporter and Long-Time Scout Steve Abbott was presented with his 30 Years Service Award by Assistant Commissioner Tony Knott. Andy Linnell has been a member of this group since the age of 6 and because of this he has a huge amount of experience and achieved all the major awards in the Youth Sections. He has, as an Adult, served Scouting in many roles both inside and outside the Group from Quartermaster through to Webmaster. He continues as Webmaster and to recognise this exemplary service, Andy was awarded the ‘Thanks Badge.’

Over the last 5 years Irthlingborough Scout Group has recorded extraordinary success. I think you’ll agree that we have achieved everything we set out to, and more, however we must not rest on a laurels as we expect to continue to be a central part of the life for many Young People in future years.

Therefore, we are to launch a new ‘Steering Committee’. This Committee will solely be to examine the future options for the Group, and present findings / recommendations to the Group Executive Committee within the next few months. This is a prime time to conduct this project, especially on the back of both local (Irthlingborough Development) and National / Government Proposals (Big Society etc.) The Committee will take an active part in discussions with the local councils and promote Scouting for the benefit of all.

Our progress has been recognised by the Town, Supporters, Helpers & Parents and is reflected in the uplift in our numbers and generous donations.

On behalf of the Group’s Young People, I would like to thank you all for your outstanding support over the last 12 months.