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Scout Hike at Edale,Derbyshire

Scouts arrived at Coopers Farm after a two-and- a half hour drive.

With good teamwork the tents were put up quickly and then off to have a well-earned sandwich ay the local cafe.

The Scouts explored the area and then checked their kit as instructed.

Saturday Dinner was provided by a trip to the local public house for a hearty meal whilst looking out the window to see a hail-storm!

Early to bed for the hike ahead but waking up to ice on the tents and white-covered hills around.

Breakfast was a 12 inch breakfast roll - to set the Scouts up for the day ahead.

After a long and steep walk we reached 'Ringing Roger', then on to high flat ground for Lunch.

The Scouts continued into the mountains under the watchful eyes of Jay and Andy.

Jay contacted Base-Camp and the Scouts gave a Mexican Wave to Lisa and Lance down below!

Using their refreshment packs prepared earlier, the Scouts rested for a while before returning to Base-Camp.

Lance and Lisa had already struck camp and we all returned via the local cafe where the Scouts were treated to a hot drink with lots of cream snd chocolate.

After warming-up we returned home safely.


Thanks must go to Jay, Lance, Lisa and especially Andy who supervised the actrivity as part of Jay's Hill Walking Qualification






St.George's Day 2016

The Group attended the special St.George's Day Service at St.Peter's to renew their promises and take part in the Service.

Five new Explorer Scouts were invested at the Service and Fr.John blessed the New Explorer Scout Flag.

After the Service, everyone made their way to Stanwick Lakes and supported by a good number of Parents, joined the Scout Active Support Unit for a Bar - B - Q  at the open-air theatre.

Hot dogs and hamburgers were quickly consumed and we were pleased to record that the rain stayed away despite threats!

The Queens Birthday Beacon

On April 21st the Scout Group were invited by the Town Mayor, Allan Short, to take part in the lighting of the Beacon to celebrate HM the Queen's 90th Birthday!

Prominent among the crowd at the Crowhill Recreation Ground were the Beavers who eagerly awaited the lighting of the Beacon.

Our thanks must go to Claire, Beaver Leader, for organising our particiption in this very special event.


Cubs Pack Holiday and Beaver Day Out

On Friday 7th March, Cubs arrived at the Will Smith Chalet at Overstone for a 2-night Pack Holiday.After serious safety and conduct instructions from Akela, setlled in and after a pizza and a mini-NightHike through the woods, organised by one of the Scouts, as an attempt to wear the Cubs out before bedtime.

Saturday started with some free time before 16 Beavers arrived. Everyone was split into 4 mixed groups and enjoyed Den Building,Backwoods Cooking,Tent Pitchin and rehearsing for the Campfire Talent Show.

Pasta Bolognese and Ice Cream Sundaes were served, with the Cubs doing the washing up!

After a few Leaders' eyebrows were singed whilst cooking marshmallows at the Campfire the Beavers went home at 8pm - tired and sleepy!

The Cubs had a Movie Night, with Popcorn but many of them were off to sleep before the end  end of the show!

On Sunday the Cubs were tasked with protecting a raw egg from smashing when dropped from the Chalet Balcony. Imaginative contraptions were used to carry ot this serious operation......

Finally we reflected on what we had achieved before the Cubs were re-united with their parents at 2pm.

A huge 'thank-you' must go to Akela (Karen H) ,Ashley and Conan (Scouts) ,Tabitha (Explorers) , Lance, Fred, Liam, Steve, Chloe, Claire and Sam (Leaders and Helpers)



On February 5th, 12 of our Beavers along with Fred, our Leader, joined with 130 more Beavers from the Nene Valley District for a sleep-over at "Cheeky Monkees" at Corby.

Beavers arrived at 6.30pm ready for an evening of fun and games.Dinner was served at 7.45pm which consisted of  hot-dogs, chips and followed by Ice-cream.Then it was back to the play area until bedtime.

The Beavers had a hot drink and climbed into their sleeping bags and settled down for the night.

Next morning it was a good Breakfast and some more play until their parents picked them up at 9.00am.

A good time was enjoyed by the Beavers and their behaviour was exemptlary and a credit to the Irthlingborough Group.

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